Leaders share their visions

Our conversations with our colleagues are reinforcing the value of forging a vision big enough to contain our differences and of making a commitment to pursue excellence in all the ways we serve, respect each other and restore health.

Four visionaries shared their own vision of the profession at the start of our November 10th virtual conversation.  The subsequent small discussions went straight to the heart of what it means to be an ND, today and in the future.

Watch. listen and reflect on the future each of these gifted visionaries share in their talk.  How do you envision the profession in the future?


Brittany Krake, ND
Virtual Discussion #1 - Nov 10, 2018

What is more important than our differences? The power of pursuing excellence, and one beautiful brand can supersede differences and expand our reach.


Louise Edwards, ND
Virtual Discussion #1 - Nov 10, 2018

Are some of our perceived differences coming from different operating assumptions? Let’s explore three definitions, and rediscover our common ground.

Joe PIzzorno, ND
Virtual Discussion #1 - Nov 10, 2018

It’s clear that all three aspects of our profession are foundational. But why should we care? What lessons from history should motivate us to unify and become congruent?


James Sensenig, ND
Virtual Discussion #1 - Nov 10, 2018

We have something in place that not only distinguishes us from conventional medicine, but also ensures that we can help the public clearly experience natural medicine’s powerful potential.

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